July Outdoor Family Calendar

Don’t let the summer pass you by, here is our suggested July Outdoor Family Calendar.

July 4th – Independence Day:  The 4th of July is a day traditionally spent outdoors: parades, picnics, camping, fishing, hiking, having a barbecue, and especially watching and setting off fireworks are all ways in which Americans get to the great outdoors for this star-spangled holiday.

July 5th – National Hop-A-Park Day :  I just learned of this national day at the park.   On Hop-A-Park Day it is recommended you pack up a picnic basket and your family and make your way to the parks to enjoy the outdoors.

 July 7th – National Father-Daughter Take A Walk Day:  Although the creator and origin of this day is unknown, National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day has been around for decades.  It is a day in which family-bonding time is encouraged, especially between fathers and daughters – what a beautiful way to make a good memory.

July 12th National Simplicity DayHenry David Thoreau, a renowned naturalist and author of the book ‘Walden,’ was born on July 12, 1817.  National Simplicity Day was created in Thoreau’s honor and, as Thoreau did in his life, National Simplicity Day is a day in which slowing down and enjoying nature is highly encouraged.

Find a horse to love!July 15th – National “I LOVE Horses” Day : I LOVE Horses Day is for horse lovers everywhere.  Horses are excellent companions and I LOVE Horses Day is an unofficial day to honor them.  As the National Day Calendar says, “To celebrate this animal holiday, you can spend time with your horse/horses (if you have any) or someone’s that you know, go riding, groom your horse, volunteer at a horse rescue, foster a horse, donate to a charity that helps horses and etc.”

Pioneer Park Nature Center Local: Pioneers Park Nature Center presents ‘Nature Trekkers’:  The Pioneers Park Nature Center’s new weekly Nature Trekkers program is Wednesdays, June and runs through July 22. The treks for children in preschool through grade school are from 10 to 11 a.m. The following treks are planned:

  • July 15 – Heron Wetlands
  • July 22 – Flemming Woods

The fee for Nature Trekkers is $3 per person per week. Preregistration is required by calling 402-441-7895. Groups of children must have at least one adult per six children.

Local: Lincoln Children’s Zoo

  • July 19 – 25: National Zookeeper Week:  We are celebrating National Zookeeper Week! All of the Zookeepers at the Zoo spend countless hours giving our animals the best care. Next time you see one of them, be sure to tell them thanks and stop by The Hive to write them a letter!
  • Every Wednesday in July: 5pm – 8 pm: Wild Wednesday:  The Zoo is open late ’til 8 p.m. every Wednesday in June, July & August. Every Wednesday the Zoo will feature special animal demonstrations on the Animal Encounter Stage!

Local: Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center:  Firefly Fridays – July 19th 7:30 – 9:30PM – Come out and experience an en-LIGHT-ening evening on the prairie! Family teams will enjoy the sunset, participate in firefly-themed team activities, learn all about “glowworms,” and get the chance to catch and examine fireflies up close. Bring some snacks or a picnic, and probably some bug spray. Space is limited for this popular program, preregistration is required.  $5/person or $8/family. This program is specially designed for children 3 through 8 years old.

 July 20th – National Ice Cream Day:  Every third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day is celebrated, with gusto.  This icy treat has been enjoyed for quite some time, and it is said that the Quaker colonists brought their ice cream recipes to America and this is how ice cream originated in the United States.  Ice cream is such a popular treat in the United States that President Ronald Reagan declared July to be National Ice Cream Month and every third Sunday of July to be National Ice Cream Day.

Have you ever tried hammocking?July 22nd – National Hammock Day:  Hammocks were first developed by natives of Central and South America for sleeping, and were then used by sailors to maximize space on cramped ships – when you lay in a hammock, just think: a pirate a few hundred years ago was doing the same exact thing!  Hammocks bring to mind summer, leisure, and relaxation.  National Hammock Day is a perfect day to slow down and enjoy a hammock and nature.

Get your parents outdoors for National Parent's Day.July 27th – National Parents Day:  National Parents Day is the fourth Sunday in July, and is a day to celebrate and honor one’s parents.  Like Mother’s and Father’s Day, Parents Day is a day to show appreciation and enjoy each others company—don’t forget to wish your parents a ‘Happy Parents Day’ July 27th!

 Thank a Ranger today!July 31st – National Ranger Appreciation Day:  This is a day to honor and appreciate our national rangers, the group of people who preserve our state and national parks for the enjoyment of all.  While you’re out exploring a state or national park and you see a park ranger, tell them, ‘Happy National Ranger Appreciation Day!’


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