July Outdoor Family Calendar

KiddoGear’s July Outdoor Family Calendar hopes to give parents quick, simple ideas to engage families in nature and the outdoors.

July 4th:  Independence Day

The day Americans commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared The United States independence from Great Britain.  Honestly, I haven’t taken much time to discuss what the 4th of July really means to our kiddo. Now, that she maybe at the age to understand what it means,  we’ll take some time to discuss the deeper meaning of this holiday beyond the family BBQ  and fireworks.  Here are two resources I use to guide my family to deeper understanding of our nation’s history:

Hop A Park Day (300x200)July 5th:  Nat’l Hop-A-Park Day

Origin of this “national” holiday is unknown; yet, it’s a great opportunity to pack a picnic and head to a local, state or national park.  2016 is the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service and this would be a great day to visit a national park in your area. #HopAPark #FindYourPark


July 7th:  Nat’l Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day

Whether your bonding time is a simple walk around your neighborhood or a long walk in the park, take this opportunity to connect with each other.  If you can’t see your father or daughter today, give them a call and revisit a memory where you did walk together.   According to National Calendar, this unofficial holiday happens annually.  #FatherDaughterWalk

July 12th:  Nat’l Simplicity Day

It’s the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, renowned naturalist and author of “Waldon”.  This day was created to honor Thoreau’s life and work.  To further honor Thoreau’s approach to life,  let’s all slowdown and be in the moment to enjoy the nature around us. We’ve all heard the mantra, “keep it simple stupid”.  I prefer a different spin that a friend shared with me, “keep it simple sweetheart”.  For Type A personalities like myself, this is a daily (sometimes moment-by-moment) mantra to bring peace, clarity and simplicity to our lives. #HenryDavidThoreau, #SimplicityDay

July Outdoor Family CalendarJuly 15th:  Nat’l “I LOVE Horses” Day

For horses lovers everywhere, it’s a day to honor horses.  Horses are one of the most significant animals in America’s history from the building roads to advancing agriculture.  We don’t have to own a horse to appreciate their beauty and grace. Many state and national parks have horse stables and provide trail rides for the whole family – Top 10 National Parks for Horseback Riding. According to National Calendar, this is an unofficial annual “national” day.   #ILOVEHorsesDay


Nat’l Give Something Away Day

According to National Calendar, this “national” day occurs every July 15th.  As  stewards of this earth, we encourage you to collect items you no longer use or need; and, donate them to a local shelter or agency. You’ll also be practicing a little of Thoreau’s idea of simplicity and giving a hand to helping nature.  #GiveSomethingAwayDAy

July Outdoor Family CalendarJuly 20th:  Nat’l Ice Cream Day

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July as Nat’l Ice Cream Month and the 3rd Sunday in July as Nat’l Ice Cream Day.  It is believed Quaker colonists brought their ice cream recipes to America. And, the rest is history.  We enjoy making homemade ice cream at our house – strawberry is our favorite.  And, it’s a perfect reason to get outside.  #Nat’lIceCreamMonth, #Nat’lIceCreamDay  Here’s three great recipes to help you get started making your own:

July 22nd:  Nat’l Hammock Day

Hammocks were first developed by Natives of Central and South America for sleeping.  Hammocks were also used by sailors to maximize space on cramped ships.  These days, whether it’s sleeping or just swinging, hammocks give us another way to slow down and practice Thoreau’s idea of simplicity.  #HammockDay

July Outdoor Family CalendarJuly 31st:  National Park Ranger Appreciation

This is a day to honor and appreciate our national rangers who preserve our national and state parks for us all to enjoy now and for the future.  While visiting a park, check out the Junior Ranger programs that will keep your kiddos interested and active in nature.  They’ll also earn a Junior Ranger badge.  The Park Rangers love seeing kiddos with their badges . . . and, that’s a great way to show appreciation.  #ParkRangerAppreciation

We hope you’ve gotten some inspiration to get outdoors and some information to connect your kiddos to the world around them from our July Outdoor Family Calendar.  Our goal is to save you time in planning and give you more time being outdoors.  Sign up for our monthly email that will provide ideas, information and inspiration to get you and your family outdoors making memories and having adventures.


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