August Outdoor Family Calendar

With the summer wrapping up and the kiddos going back to school, getting them outdoors may be a little more challenging.  So, here’s the August Outdoor Family Calendar that’s packed with easy ideas to just hang out in the back yard or local park.  The best part, there’s a lot of treats involved.

August 6th: National ‘Wiggle Your Toes’ Day

The origin of this day is unknown, but it is believed to have come from Hawaii. It is a day to go enjoy the summer, perhaps squishing your toes in some sand or enjoying a nice refreshing pool or lake.

August Outdoor Family Calendar - Nat'l Lighthouse Day

John’s Lighthouse

August 7th:  National Lighthouse Day!

This addition to the calendar is in memory of a friend, John Burhani, who purchased a lighthouse just because it was the right thing to do for the community.  John always had a smile on his face and could make everyone laugh.  He was a friend to all and will be deeply missed.  John passed away from his battle with cancer in May of this year.  So in honor of someone who loved life and Lake Michigan, investigate a lighthouse in your area.


August Outdoor Family Calendar - Nat'l S'mores Day

We added peanut butter to our s’mores today.

August 10th: National S’mores Day

What better day exists to go have a bonfire than National S’mores Day? Take the family out for a night by the campfire and enjoy this traditional bonfire staple! (In the winter, we enjoy these tasty treats by heating them up in the microwave.)  Find new ways to create the campfire treat at Sunset Magazine.



August 15th: National Relaxation Day

This is a day to kick back and relax! Summer is a good time to go enjoy the outdoors and attain some peace from the craziness of everyday life, and this is what National Relaxation Day is all about! Go for a walk, take a swim, ride your bike… the options are endless! Relax away!


August Outdoor Family Calendar - Nat'l Lemonade Day

Great way to get the kiddos involved.

August 20th: National Lemonade Day

Lemonade stands are a tradition of summer days, and National Lemonade Day is a great day to go and find an enterprising lemonade stand or merely enjoy ice-cold lemonade in the summer heat.  It’s amazing the many new twists to add flare to this tangy summertime favorite – 20 recipes from Create Craft Love.


August 26th: National Dog Day

This day encourages dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and “abuse-free life”.   The goal of the National Dog Day foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year. If you have a dog, head for a hike together.


August Outdoor Family Calendar - Trail Mix Day

What’s in your trail mix?

August 31st: National Trail Mix Day

Pick up some of this lightweight snack food and get outdoors on August 31st, the day designated ‘National Trail Mix Day!’ Trail mix is named and is often sold/created for those on outdoor adventures, so this is certainly a day to go embark on an outdoor journey of your own.  A new ingredient to the traditional trail mix that provides more fiber – popcorn.


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