April Outdoor Family Calendar

As they say, April showers bring May flowers.  In in the Plains states, seems our flowers are blooming a little sooner than May.  If you’re looking for some quick ideas on how to get your family outdoors and keep your kiddos connected to nature, here is our April Outdoor Family Calendar.  (We have a confession . . . we don’t always get outdoors to teach our kiddo about nature and conservation.  We do use a little screen time, too.)

April is Keep America Beautiful Month.  We can all keep American Beautiful in simple ways such as picking up trash when you see it whether you’re walking in your neighborhood, walking through a parking lot or down your city street.

April 6th – National Walking Day:  An event sponsored by the American Heart Association to get us all up and out of our seats.  If you can walk to work, great.  If not, try to get the family out to a park or around your neighborhood for some fresh air.  A couple clever ideas to get the kiddos outdoors and have a fun family activity would be a scavenger hunt or try geocaching.

April Outdoor Family Calendar

Feeding the Ilama at the zoo.

April 8th – National Zoo Lovers Day:  If you’re fortunate to live near a zoo, this day is for you.  A wonderful way to explore and learn about the diverse animals that exist.  Zoos provide a rich, educational experience for the kiddos that inspire a lifetime of learning and respecting animals and their environments. Check with your local zoo for amazing summer camps, animal adoption opportunities and volunteer opportunities.  Or, plan a family vacation around one of the many amazing zoos across the country.  Parent Magazine’s Top 25 List of Zoos is a great list of zoos to explore.

Go batty for bats.

Learn more about how bats protect our environment.

April 17th – Bat Appreciation Day:  A day to go “batty”.  We learned to appreciate bats by watching the adventures of  Jack and Colton on Rock The Park – The Mammoth Cave: All About Bats.


April 16th – April 24th – National Park Week: This week celebrates one of America’s best treasures – our national parks. Whether you have that one special park or love all the parks, this week gives you many opportunities to hike, walk and explore.  When visiting a National Park, kiddos can learn about the park and explore all it has to offer with the Junior Ranger program.

April Outdoor Calendar and enjoy National Park Week

Enjoy National Parks week & become a Junior Ranger!

If you can’t get to a National Park this week, learn about different National Parks with Jack and Colton on Rock the Park.  Or, watch PBS series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea for a wonderful historical perspective on how our National Park Service and national parks came to be.

April 22nd- Earth Day:  A day to celebrate and honor our earth.  Check with your local communities to participate in activities that will help protect our planet. ( Last year, we cleaned trash out of the stream that runs through our neighborhood.)

April 23rd – National Picnic Day:  Grab a lunch of your choice or let your kiddo pick the menu then head to a park.  Heck, we’ve even simply used our backyard for our picnic site.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs the fun.  (As we tell our kiddo, just don’t let Yogi get your pic-a-nic basket.)


We hope you’ve gotten some inspiration to get outdoors and some information to connect your kiddos to the world around them from our April Outdoor Family Calendar.  Our goal is to save you time in planning and give you more time being outdoors.  Make sure to sign up for our weekly email newsletter that will provide ideas, information and inspiration to get you and your family outdoors for adventure.

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