Why the Hiking Harness?

After years of helping families get outdoors and hiking with peace-of-mind, Doug and I have decided to suspend production and sales of the Let’s Go Kiddo Hiking harness.  Due to continued increase in manufacturing and business costs, we can no longer provide the harness/tether at the cost that is affordable to the families we serve.   If, by chance, we find a way to address these business issues, we may return to production and offering the harness/tether.

We created the harness/tether to take our own kiddo, then age three, hiking in Glacier National Park.  Now, at the age of 8, she hiked 14.6 miles in one day and almost 40 miles in a week.  Without early outdoor hiking experiences and the harness/tether, this would not happened.  She wouldn’t be the confident, outdoor-loving kiddo that she is today.

We’d like to thank our customers and partners over the years.  We’d personally like to thank Shanti Hodges and Hike It Baby for incredible vision in getting families with babies and young kiddos out hiking early and often.  Thank you for the support and the friendship.  Please continue to get your families outdoors and hiking.

Thank you and Hike ON!